The Creator’s Guide to Launching a Membership Program

Everything you need to know to kick off a recurring subscription Membership for your top supporters.

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Why start a Membership Program?

A Membership program offers a range of benefits, including providing a direct line of communication with your most dedicated supporters, offering exclusive content and experiences, and serving as a reliable source of revenue.

  • Increased and reliable revenue 
  • Increase fan engagement
  • Cultivate loyalty
  • Launch fan-drive promotions and events 
  • Direct access to fans for feedback, promotion, and insights 

What's in the guide?

  •  5 Reasons to start a membership program
  • 5 Examples of successful programs
  • 5 considerations for starting a program
  • How to cultivate a thriving program
  • 10 perks you can give members
  • Immediate steps to get started
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Unlock the love of your fans with a members-only club that gives exclusive perks and you reliable, recurring monthly income.