The Artist's Guide to Launching a Fan Club

Everything you need to know to kick off a recurring subscription Fan Club for your top supporters.

Single_artist's guide to launching a fan club
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Why start a Fan Club?

Music artists have always had a special relationship with their fans. Fan clubs are the embodiment of this relationship - a space for passionate fans to connect, share their love for the artist, and gain access to exclusive content and experiences.

Fan clubs provide a win-win situation for both artists and their fans. For artists, fan clubs are a valuable tool to connect with their most dedicated supporters, who can help promote their music, attend concerts, and buy merchandise. Artists can offer special experiences and rewards to their fan club members in exchange for their support, building stronger relationships and creating a community around their music.

What's in the guide?

  • How artists like Madonna, Nickelback, and Weezer have used Fan Clubs to grow their music careers.
  • 5 Considerations for starting a Fan Club
  • 10 Ideas for perks to offer members
  • Best practices for keeping your Fan Club growing
  • Immediate steps to get started
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