The Artist's Guide to Chart Reporting

This guide takes a comprehensive look everything from the different charts available, to the strategies and tools needed to interpret & analyze chart data.

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What's the deal with Chart Reporting?

Chart reporting refers to the process of tracking and analyzing the popularity of songs and albums across various platforms and channels, such as radio, streaming services, and sales.

Chart reporting is a crucial aspect of the music industry that helps artists and industry professionals stay on top of the latest trends and successes in the industry.

As an artist, chart reporting provides valuable insights into the success of your music, as well as the strategies and tactics needed to further promote and market your work. By monitoring charts and analyzing trends, you can identify areas of growth, understand your target audience, and make informed decisions on your marketing and promotional efforts.

What's in the guide?

  •  Understanding Music Charts
  • How to Report to Music Charts
  • Tips for Maximizing Chart Performance
  • Best Practices for Music Chart Reporting
  • Immediate steps to get started
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