An Intro Guide to Web3

Everything you need to get started with Web3: Digital Collectibles, NFT Collections, and gating exclusive experiences for your top supporters.

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What's the deal with Web3?

The internet has changed the creator economy in countless ways, from how art is distributed and content consumed to how creators connect with their fans. But with the rise of Web3, we’re witnessing a new wave of innovation that has the potential to transform the industry yet again.

If you’re new to Web3, think of it as a new and novel way of using the internet. It utilizes decentralized technologies, such as blockchain, to empower creators with greater autonomy, control, and security in monetizing their work online.

Web3 eliminates intermediaries like galleries and marketplaces. This allows for greater decentralization in the creative industry, which could significantly impact how you generate revenue, retain financial and creative control, and interact with their fans in a more transparent and direct way.

What's in the guide?

  • The Evolution of the Internet and the Emergence of Web3
  • Where Web3 and the Creator Economy Meet
  • 10 Examples of Creators Embracing Web 3
  • How to Claim Your First NFT
  • How to Release Your Own NFT Collection
  • Immediate Steps to Get Started
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